The BUILDING ON ART, HUNGARY Programme and Voluntary Cooperation Platform aims to promote the inclusion of artistic content in real estate investments in Hungary, in the form of outdoor or indoor artworks appropriate to the buildings and sites affected by the construction or renovation.

The aim is to make it a general intention to create and include artworks in the construction or conversion of properties and areas with different functions.


Building on Art Hungary


EDGE Communications

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Design és imázsépítés
Weboldal design


ONION was responsible for the overall brand identity – in addition to on-site creatives and displays, we also developed the website design.

Building on Art Hungary

Az ONION Creative volt felelős a tervezéséért az Building on Art Hungary conference creatives at Art Market Budapest – we made rollup design and digital display solutions.

The founders were the leaders of the hungarian real estate market like:
JLL, Market, WING, GTC

Be. More. Contemporary

Art around life