Hegyvidéki Helytörténeti Gyűjtemény, as a decisive historical institution of Budapest XII. district, created one of the most progressive exhibition of 2021: TURUL. The curator team led by Krisztián Ungváry, was able to communicate and present a highly divisive topic without value judgement

ONION got the exciting task to design the delivery of this topic in a worthy but progressive way.

We created the overall design and concept of the exhibition. Graphics, displays, special installations and wayfinding elements.


Hegyvidék Történeti Múzeum


Regional Cultural Businesses

Added layers

Installation concept and design
Photo and Video documentation

Modular branding

Modular branding and design. We created a design framework that enabled us to distinguish the historical eras still creating a cohesive look.

Unique display solutions

We not only designed new display solutions, but also created a very special wooden element with glowing dots representing the TURUL statues all around the historical Hungarian map.

In the centre of the exhibition we placed a timetable that adapted to the slope of the room.

From this table, special wayfinding elements led to the walls to give more information about the given era.

Turul too real

History revealed