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We are ONION

Brand Building layer-by-layer

ONION is a MULTI LAYERED Creative and PR agency with strong interdisciplinary skill- and mindset. We are here to make an impact on a wide scale of industry sectors – mostly drawn from social motivation and culture in our CORE.

Where possible we will always seek the connections to culture and how it can help a brand to grow and become a statement.

Our number one goal is to use our fearless creative thinking to create creative campaigns that efficiently help our clients to reach their marketing goals… But we will always try to steer our cooperation towards a cultural aspect where the for-profit meets the non-profit. Where the marketing goals can become cultural goals that shape a better future for all of us.

What is the CORE idea of your business?

Make your Brand a statement!

Consumer are thirsty for brave, bold and ambitious brands who are willing to step up and own what they believe in.

Don’t panic and act as soon as possible to become the industry leader of honest and value driven communication.

Find a cause and own it!

We will not only help you to find your story! We will help you to tell it!