Szelpo AutoControl Systems is the leading tachograph and automotive electronic company in Hungary.  Proud partners of Stoneridge Electronics and lead representative of the french Gelflor brand enabling Szelpo to be a decisive key player in the bus and truck profession. Szelpo’s main vision is to integrate all the technology breakthroughs into the passenger and truck sector that help road safety.

ONION created the new digital and green branding of the company. We kept the well established blue color and added a fresh green to represent the sustainability aspect of the brand. The logo is a stylized a traditional tachograph combined with a Wi-Fi symbol to represent the digital solutions that the company offers.


Szelpo AutoControl Systems Rebranding


Szelpo AutoControl Systems Kft.

Added layers

Design and Image
Social Media design
Photo Campaign – Portrait photo session
Website design
PPC and Online Marketing

Custom icon set

As part of the branding process, we also created a complete wayfinding system with a unique set of icons representing the specific automotive fields.

Campaign elements

Logo design and rebranding
Social campaign
Online Marketing

Assembled Custom Just For You

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