To make a difference, you have to start somewhere. To save the world you have to start with yourself.

The Danube Curve – The Dunakanyar is a booming tourist attraction. Mass tourism started its work and the locals acted accordingly. Gentrification is always a slippery topic. What can you do, when progress and change is inevitable?

Small and Family Businesses contacted us, to help them prove and show how much they care about the region and locals along the Danube. The tension between the two sides is getting out of hand.

These restaurants, bars, one art camp, open air coworking office needed a creative campaign that communicates and resonates with the locals in many layers.

As we moved forward with our plans we got connected with www.dunakanyargo.hu a regional tourism portal – who became more the communication partners.


Kanyargo Dunakanyar Sustainable Map


Egymeder Association / Dunakanyargo

What We Did

Creative campaign, Photo campaign, Social media campaign


Basically we had to create a Public Affairs campaign to show the municipalities and locals that not every business is all about the profits! To do so we had to find a common problem a common platform. After doing so, we had to deliver a solution to this common problem to show our good intentions.

As small businesses do not have allocated communication budgets we had to come up with an idea that can be self-supporting.


We created the KanyarGO Map – The Sustainability Map of Dunakanyar
This is more than a paper based visual aid where to go and how to get there.

This is also a sustainability pledge for all the participants.

In order to emphasize the good intentions we created a communication and edication platform for all the tourists visiting this reagion.

The map not only shows the most spectacular views and the best pancakes! The show the places who care about nature and those who live here.

Every purchase is a vote. Vote about the future. More and more people care about what brands and services do for the enviroment.

With this map we were able to give a communication opportunity to all participants to tell their story to those who live around them.

Campaign elements

Teaser period:

social campaign where we started to introduce not only our playful design, but the participants too.

Sales and Public Affairs Combined – Why NOT?

We pitched the idea to municipalities and other important entities of the region.

Social and PR campaign:

Traditional PR + Social campaign introduced the map its audience

Hero content:

Image video + Facebook advertising

More than a MAP – It is a sustainability pledge

More than a MAP - It is a sustainability pledge

Businesses were able to tell their story