We always tell that among all our layers, culture is one of the most important. And yesss! It is in our core!

We had the opportunity to work with the high prestigious institution of the Hungarian Museum of Architecture and Monument Protection Documentation Center on a very important project.

After decades finally they moved into their new home, the Rózsi Walter Villa, that needed branding and lots of lots of communication.

It is always a great challange to create the visual identity of a museum. But also rewarding and exciting.

Our team led by Balázs Csizik did an extraordinary job using the base logo of Barbara Kakuk and created a truly modern image.


Rózsi Walter Villa Branding and Communication


Hungarian Museum of Architecture and Monument Protection Documentation Center

What We Did

Branding, Social and PR Strategy, Website, Merchandise, PR event, Video production


Our team had to prepare the visual identity based on the logo created by Barbara Kakuk and implement it on all surfaces.


We recieved the logo of the museum and had deep conversations with the curators.

With all the necessary insights we delivered a compex visual identity that we also implemented on various platforms, tools and surfaces.

We used and twisted the modern heritage. Mixed it with some architecture and blueprint design.

Campaign elements

Branding and visual identity

Social and PR Stategy

Classi PR and PR event

Logo animation and information displays

Leaflets and merchandise


bauHAUS in da House

Come in

Modern Walking