Holocaust Memorial Center is one of the most important memorial site of the Hungarian jewish community and heritage. It is one of the few state established institutions that solely dedicated to holocaust research. The building itself is second largest synagogue in Budapest designed by Baumhorn Lipót.

The center is also an educational and research institute with an interactive exhibition where the visitors can learn through experience-oriented programs.

ONION Creative had the opportunity to design the exhibition about the 100 year anniversary  of the building. The creative concept was such a big success that it also initiated the whole rebranding of the institution.


Periodic Exhibitions & Rebranding


Holocaust Memorial Center

What We Did


Design and Image

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Among many tasks ONION Creative created the wayfinding system that we based on the ornaments of Baumhorn Lipót’s original patterns with a contemporary touch.

Periodic Exhibition 2022

Following the success of out cooperation ONION Creative got the assignment to develope the whole creative concept of the 2022 periodic exhibition titled: Vidéki Gettók. We not only designed the graphic visuals. Our team came up with the concepts of the creative installations and digital solutions that can become interactive storytelling devices to enable deeper understanding of the topic.

Vidéki Gettók

Creative Exhibition